7 Smart Steps to Digital Marketing Strategy for Business

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Digital Marketing Strategy Framework:

Digital Marketing Strategy is one of the greatest tactics you can implement today for promoting your business. 

Despite there are various businesses that don’t give enough importance to digital marketing and perhaps they are losing out a major chunk of their business. 

In recent years, Digital Marketing has become more comprehensive and more deliberate also lot easier. 

Today, marketers have an array of digital marketing tools and platforms where they can show off their creative skills and prepare a successful digital marketing strategy for their business. 

If you have a business and till now you haven’t implemented a digital marketing strategy, then it’s now the right time to take your first step in digital marketing and get going.

Step 1. Do the revision of your Business

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Just like a student who studies all the year round, but just before the final exams, they take a deep revision of their subject right from the chapter 1 so that to recall everything and put everything together for their exam.

Digital marketing is not rocket science; it works on some principle and realistic fundamentals. Before getting started with the digital marketing strategy, you need to do a quick business revision and get back to the roots of your business.

In the business revision, you would be again able to recall the following things for your business:

  • What are the objective and goals of your business?
  • What are your target audiences?
  • What demographics and geographic areas you are promoting your business?
  • What are the mission and vision statements of your business?
  • Who are your top competitors, both offline and online?
  • What are the current portfolio marketing strategies that you are using for your business?
  • How much marketing budget you have allocated for your business?

Once you are done with the revision, then its now time for you to take the next step and get deeper in the world of digital marketing.

Step 2. Go back to your Website

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This might be the most important question for the people who don’t have a website yet for their business. Getting into digital marketing requires your own business identity and a website is by far the best identity for any business.

So, if you have not got a website yet for your business till now, then don’t waste more time & just book a domain first and make your own business website.

Don’t think that you have a small business so maybe you are targeting a small geographic area; therefore you don’t need a website.

Even if you own a barber shop or a blacksmith, still you need a website for your business. You never know how many potential customers you are losing who might be searching for your business online.

For those business owners, who already have the website just get back and try to recall when the last time you have updated your website was?

If you don’t have the answer yet, then go back to your website and just read the stuff from the customer point of view and then yourself will realize where your website is lacking and you need to update your website with more dynamic and user-friendly content to engage more visitors.

A user-friendly and updated website is always likely to have more visibility in the search results; therefore this will improve your website’s visibility in the different search engines as well.

Step 3. Optimize for Voice Search

Optimize your website content for the featured snippet or position zero spot in Google search results.

With the introduction of Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri.

It is estimated that more than 50 percent of all searches will be conducted via voice by 2020.

It becomes even more important if you’re a local business as many users rely on their mobile devices and perform voice search to find a dentist, toyshop, cafe, salon, or plumber near them.

Step 4. Integrate Long Tail Keywords

As compare to long-tail keywords with shorter keywords, competition for rankings can be fierce, but visits can be scattershot and ROI can be low.

With the smart implementation of long-tail keywords, you may pull in less traffic, going purely by numbers, but the return on your investment will be proportionally much higher.

You’ll be attracting exactly the audience you’re looking for, and that audience will be far closer to point-of-purchase than that of your less-savvy competitors.

Less Competition = Lower Costs

Long-tail keywords are valuable for businesses who want their content to rank in organic Google searches, but they’re potentially even more valuable for advertisers running paid search marketing campaigns.

That’s because when you bid on long-tailed keywords, the CPC is inevitably lower since there’s less competition.

Step 5. Get yourself registered in the Google places

google maps

Today Google Maps and Google Places are one of the greatest tools to find any local businesses.

If you are not sure whether your business is been listed in Google Places yet, then don’t worry just go to the Google maps and search for your business and if Google would able to recognize your business it will display as the Mark up in the map of the local area.

Just verify whether it is your business only and if it is then it’s a piece of good news as you have already taken your first step in the digital marketing.

If your business hasn’t been showing up in the Google Maps yet, then just go to the Google Places and register your business first and provide the exact information about your business like correct Business Name, correct Business Address, Business Opening timings, and the website if you have.

Step 6. Know your business Social Status

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You never know, but there are thousands of your customers might be looking for your business in the various social networks. After analyzing the basic information about the business, it’s now time to know the social status of your business.

This is really not a complex job, you need to know where your business exists socially and how you can make your business connect with your customers through social media.

For this, you need to prepare a cheat sheet and check out in which social networking platform you have your business accounts.

Apart from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, there are loads of social media platforms where you could create accounts for your business and engage the users.

Step 7. Search Engine Optimization

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You have built an amazing website, and you think visitors will come. Right?


There are thousands of websites in your niche alone. How can your website rank up on the top in SERP’s when potential customers search for the keywords relevant to your business?

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role.

SEO will help you find your website in search engines for words and phrases related to your website is offering.

There are many challenges involved in SEO. Here is a complete list of Google’s Ranking Factors.

You can overcome these challenges by hiring a good SEO company like us.

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