Top 3 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions

Email Marketing Strategies Basics:

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Email Marketing Strategies is one of the best things a marketer can implement to promote their brand, product or service. 

But, there has been seen that not all the marketers get the real success in the email marketing.

Despite having great technical support and advanced email extraction tools, marketers seem to be missing something that is causing the low conversions and they are not able to get the desired result from their email marketing campaign.

When you start with the email marketing strategies, the very first thing to determine is the conversions. 

Email marketing is not done simply to spread brand awareness, rather the main objective is to pull more people or traffic on the website.

Here are Top 3 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions

1. Call to action:

Every email marketing campaign must have a call to action; otherwise, the conversions would be low. 

When we say “Call to Action” then we really mean it and not just for the sake of saying.

We know, you might be thinking what’s new in this since every marketer tells abutting the “Call to Action”, but here we are talking about a different call to action.

Most of the marketers just post their number with a fancy tag line and they thought that they have done their job by placing the call to action.

Now, this is what we believe is the quite an outdated approach. Today ”Call to Action” means a comprehensive and detailed and awesome tag line to insist users visit the website.

Something like for SEO email marketing campaign”, a perfect call to action tag line would be “visit our Facebook page and unlock the hidden secrets of higher rankings”.

This will work much better than the regular call to action like “please visit” or “Call now” etc.

2. To present some real facts:


Today the consumers are really smart and you can’t simply fool them by showing some fictitious number or statistics.

Most of the email marketers include a hell lot of numbers and graphs in their email marketing campaign.

Sometimes they even know that the facts and figures and statistics that they are presenting are how much valid to an extent. 

Many consumers are really not like these stats and frankly speaking, they even don’t bother about the stats and what worse is that when they cross check the stats they find them not real.

This is where the markets loose and customer win. You should not give any opportunity to your customers to dislike or reject your business. 

Therefore, when sending the mailers, make sure to show that only those stats that are real and they are just meant for the customers only.

3. Don’t serve the same content to every user:

This is the mistake that most of the marketers keep doing time after time that is just not looking to their web page. 

When you want people to come on your website then you have to serve them the real stuff and what they are really looking for and not just the fancy stuff. 

While creating the email marketing campaigns you should clearly define the appropriate landing page for that visitor. 

Now, you have done a lot of brainstorming in this and keep putting yourself in the boot of your customers.

If you are targeting a large segment of customers, then better do the demographic sampling of your target audiences. 

You could not really afford to serve the same content to every user. 

If you are having a product which is for the age group of 25-40, then you have to segregate them in the bracket of say 25-30, 30-35, and 35-40 and then provide the customized content for every group of the users. 

25-30 is the group of youths who have probably started earning just now.

They really don’t have any serious concern for their life or any future planning so you should serve them more fancy and lucrative stuff which they like.

If you are sending emails to the group of people around 35-40 then you should serve them more serious content.

Because these are the group of people who are now more serious for their future and might already started doing their future planning.

Hence serve them with more matured and professional stuff.

Are You Going to implement this Email Marketing Strategies?

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